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The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson

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Love as the world's smallest primateI know this picture isn’t what you would expect under the title of this gothic romance. But all shall become clear later. I am beginning to like this book more than when I started it. I thought initially it was sensational trash fiction…now I appreciate the black humour of it.

Here’s a little example of something that makes me smile and will explain that cute furry thing in the pic.

‘I once knew a woman who liked to imagine Love in the guise of a study dog, one that would always chase down the stick after it was thrown and return with his ears flopping around happily. Completely loyal, completely unconditional. And I laughed at her, because even I knew that love is not like that. Love is a delicate thing that needs to be cosseted and protected. Love is not robust and love is not unyielding. Love can crumble under a few harsh words, or be tossed away with a handful of careless actions. Love isn’t a steadfast dog at all; love is more like a pygmy mouse lemur.’ (p.183)

Hehehe. So funny and so clever. The only way to describe the indescribable is to counter the monumental clichĂ© with the ignoble, ridiculous and the unexpected. In this case, Love as The world’s smallest primate.


Written by bookinglass

April 3, 2010 at 11:07 pm

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