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I was given a voucher for Dussman, the biggest fanciest KulturKaufhaus (books and music store) in Berlin, and so I bought three unbent books straight from their dustfree boardroom-esque English-language room (now on the ground floor, “Take a right at the Sphinx”).

Did you know more books are sold off tartan rugs than….wait, no, the tartan is just in case you forget you are in the English-language section. They had a good choice of books out on display but I only had 10 mins to pick something from those dark wood masculine shelves. I usually take 10 mins to decide what to have for dinner. But I am happy with my choosen ones:

Murakami’s Hard Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World
Fragoso’s memoir Tiger, Tiger
Egan’s A Visit by the Goon Squad

Challenging, huh?

I was inspired to read the latter book by watching Jennifer Egan’s interview with GoodBooks as her novel was their chosen for their book club these last two months (June/July). I have almost missed out on the book club unless I could pull an all-nighter I don’t think I will get to contribute this time around. Even though I know it is a Pulizer Prize winning novel, I am put off by the featureless book cover. I have two other books with predominantly orange covers recently (Cleave’s The Other Hand and Hosseini’s A Thousand Splendid Suns), do they think that it makes a book look more serious or eye-catching? Or perhaps this is just coincidence.

The other two books are a bit of a punt up the river I’ll Give It a Go. They are all currently secured alongside other to-be-reads on the bookshelf. They are meant to be tough reads, especially the memoir, I will have to psych myself for these ones! But as things around here haven’t been too happy of late, I think I will leave them be for the moment. I have just enough funds on the voucher left for one last book. Decisions, Decisions.


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July 26, 2011 at 10:25 pm

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