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The Bedside Book of Beasts and other beastly things

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Recently, I have been reading The Bedside Book of Beasts by Graeme Gibson, a lovely  illustrated hardback which I could hardly wait to paw through upon receiving (particularly in light of my post a couple of weeks ago on Animal agency in books). This book is FAB!!! The mixture of poems, diary extracts and fairy tales inside are all gripping, enigmatic, tragic and (most of all) thought-provoking about the human relationship with wild animals, in particular the bear, the lion, the wolf and the tiger.

I was particularly struck by the story of how to avoid being eaten for dinner by a lion by slowly walking away from the beast at an oblique angle.  It turns out that for Elizabeth Marshall Thomas, her encounter with a lion was quite the opposite, the lion was the one to walk away from the confrontation in this manner,

“By his smooth departure and his cool, detached behaviour, the lion apparently intended to save himself from the risks of an unwanted skirmish.”  (p. 27)

This anecdote was surprising, amusing, sincere and touching. I will be delving into the book for a long while yet.

Talking of Beastly Things….I went to a Group Assessment for an internship last Monday and it was Bubye, Tsuss, A bientot,  on Tuesday. Basically just got the feedback via phone call:

‘Well this is really difficult because the notes we took on you are all very positive but one thing we could say is that you were a bit quiet and although you had some really good ideas you were not assertive enough when putting them forward to the group. So really all I can say is that you will get a job sometime, you just have to keep on trying.’


Yes yes, I will get a job sometime. It’s a shame that I could have had a job next week….

Any suggestions for reading which will make me feel like being at this stage in life isn’t all bad? If you could pop it in the post for me as well….although that might be a bit cheeky of me to ask 😉