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Penguin All New Book Covers

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postcardsI have just read Jim Stoddart’s blog post about his favourite new book covers coming soon from Penguin books. Have a little look and tell me yours. Top of my pointless but oh-so-want-it christmas wish list was until today eyeshadows but this vain choice has been wiped out by the Postcards from Penguin which Jim mentions (not sure if I am really on first name terms with the art director from Penguin Press but hey, it’s the internet). It contains 100 postcards of classic penguin book covers. It will be a bit difficult not to judge this book by its covers. (hehe…. oh just found out that I am not the first to make this joke) I also enjoy the irony of creating a new cover for a collection of old covers, but I wish they had highlighted this irony more. Instead they went for a middle-of-the-road old-fashioned/new cover.  I like it when the covers of books are surprising, like when you only understand the cover once you finish reading the book (but it gives you no clues to the storyline!) So some really contemporary design for this one, and another box with a collection of more modern iconic covers. Also a potential problem is: would people be worried about the connotations of the book cover postcard they receive, such as Lolita….hmmm…think that one would stay in the box.

If I bought this though, these postcards ain’t never going through the hands of Royal Mail ever. So my options are quite limited, I would simply have to hoard them to gloat over every now and then.

Nice post Jim I hope that your book cover designs some day make it into the nth collection of ‘Postcards from Penguin’.


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November 3, 2009 at 6:21 pm