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The start of something

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If you could only have either books, music or film for your entire life which would it be? For me, it would be, unhesitatingly, books.

So you are probably saying ‘not another (pompous/amateur/insert adjective) book reviewer’. Bear with me! I want to make a blog not just an impressive reading list, but I want you to get some idea of my personality, what’s happening in my life as I read these books, why I am struck by certain parts or phrases. As I reflect on the books I read, it is also a reflection on me.

I want to look back and remember books, characters and words that have made an impression on me. Because I want to share the best and worst of what I read. But also because reading books affects your real life and vice versa. A reading diary or map, whatever the metaphor, it will be a unique story, a path….now I can’t get away from the metaphors…..a chance to see how I develop through the books I read. So even if you don’t like reading, then just use this blog to read me and become a part of the story.


Written by bookinglass

August 27, 2009 at 3:30 pm