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Stuck in Customs (as per usual)

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Isle of Man Clock Stuck in CustomsI thought I might share this unusual photograph taken by one of the most successful travel photograph bloggers out there ‘Stuck in Customs’ Having happily wandered through his photos it took me a while to pinpoint why his captures are so good. Then I finally understood whilst looking at this one of the funky clock.

It’s so simple really.

The fact is that he has the knack of seeing the extraordinary and engaging which people all over the world would be interested in. For example, this photo was taken on the Isle of Man (off the coast of Britain) and I can bet two wet wellies that this clock has been seen by people before and dismissed because everyone else on the island had seen it too.


I am also of guilty of this, there is a big square near Liverpool Street Station (London) which lights up at night like a big blue and red grid which you walk across. It is the best part of my walk home. I see it everyday but I didn’t think until now that other people don’t know about it and may want to see it too! It’s a big world out there and most times our perceptions are so narrow.

Here’s the Lighted pedestrian square, nestled among the big corporate buildings near Liverpool St Station, London.


Written by bookinglass

November 4, 2009 at 2:57 pm